shop.png“We are putting our brand into the hands of you!”


Why franchising?

Franchising is an excellent way for us to roll-out additional stores across the country quickly and efficiently. It does mean that we are putting our brand into the hands of you, the franchisee, so it is crucial that we can all get along together and help each other to succeed. In these days of social mobility, where people move areas fairly regularly, our customers often ask where the nearest Chop and Wok to their new home or office will be and whilst we are rolling them out as quickly as we can, we need some help doing this and that’s where you come in!


"It is crucial that we can get along together and help each other to succeed."


What is franchising?

Franchising is where one party, the franchisor (that’s us) grants a licence (franchise) to another party, the franchisee (that’s you) to use their branding, concept, systems, procedures and processes in a defined territory for a pre-determined period of time in return for an initial and ongoing fee.

“ You will be supported and guided in all of the steps necessary to launch and trade successfully.”



The benefits to you, the franchisee, are that you don’t need to come up with a new idea or concept; that’s already been done for you, and you will also be supported and guided in all of the steps necessary to launch and trade successfully.

“We will be training you, coaching you and guiding you.”


Whilst that all sounds quick and simple, there is a lot to do in finding suitable locations, arranging fit-out of the premises, training staff, arranging funding and everything before you even think about preparing the dishes and serving customers, but don’t worry, that’s why we’re here to help you through all of this! We all need to ensure that your outlet will be successful, and so we will be training you, coaching you and guiding you as you begin your journey with one of the UK’s freshest new brands.

Is it right for me?

photo4.pngWhilst we are keen to grow our network, we of course take the process of franchisee selection very seriously. It is our clear objective to ensure that every franchisee in the network is successful. That is why we look for the following attributes in potential franchisees:

  • A passion for excellent customer service
  • The energy, commitment and drive to bring an exciting new brand into your local market
  • Prepared to work hard for long-term success
  • Happy to follow a tried-and-tested system
  • Self-motivated and willing to do “whatever it takes”
  • Some entrepreneurial flair
  • Prepared to invest in the short term for longer term rewards

I’d like to know more, what do I do next?

If you wish to take part in the future of urban eating, and would like entry into a proven and profitable business model, just fill-out the form below, after which you will be contacted shortly.

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