Chinese Takeaway in Birmingham, Islington, Wolverhampton, Telford & Walsall, Chop and Wok

Order from the most exciting, Chinese takeaway in Birmingham. Islington, Wolverhampton, Telford & Walsall. Pan-Asian, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese Flavours.

Chop and Wok is a pan-Asian wok-based takeaway and restaurant which started in Birmingham. Set in a modern and conceptual environment, with an Asian fusion menu. Cooked in a live ‘food theatre’ where all is visible. Served in a striking electric-coloured customer area.

It appeals to both lunchtime and evening diners, and encompasses Chinese, Thai, Malay, Japanese and Indian flavours.

So Chop Chop, what the Wok are you waiting for! Order your next Chop and Wok takeaway from Birmingham. Telford, Wolverhampton or Walsall, Enjoy!

Our Ingredients

The tasty menu in our Chinese Takeaway in Birmingham, is split into two sections. The ‘Chop’ menu and the ‘Wok’ menu.

The ‘Chop’ menu allows the diner to choose from a range of juicy wraps and crunchy salads. The ‘Wok’ menu allows the diner to choose from a range of mouth-watering wok-based noodle and rice stir frys.

The choices of ingredients are made through the simple 1,2,3 steps. The diversity of different dishes runs into the thousands!

There is also a separate selection of tasty sides and super healthy choices including low calorie and oil free options.

Whatever meal you choose to order from our takeaway its sure to get your taste buds tingling. Fresh, Healthy, Zingy, Flavoursome. Enjoy!

Our takeaways our currently open in Birmingham. Wolverhampton, Telford, Walsall & Islington with many more new and exciting Chop and Wok’s opening very soon across the UK. Very soon we will have a takeaway open in virtually every major part of the UK. Please follow us on Instagram and  Facebook and keep up to date with all the latest news from us.

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Order from the most exciting takeaway in Birmingham!

Pan-Asian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Japanese Flavours.

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