What is it?

It is a pan-Asian wok-based takeaway and restaurant set in a modern and conceptual environment, with an Asian fusion menu, cooked in a live 'food theatre' where all is visible, served in a striking electric-coloured customer area. It appeals to both lunchtime and evening diners, and encompasses Chinese, Thai, Malay, Japanese and Indian flavours.

The menu is split into two sections, the ‘Chop’ menu and the ‘Wok’ menu. The ‘Chop’ menu allows the diner to choose from a range of juicy wraps and crunchy salads while the ‘Wok’ menu allows the diner to choose from a range of mouth-watering wok-based noodle and rice stir frys. The choices of ingredients are made through the simple 1,2,3 steps where the diversity of different dishes runs into the thousands! There is also a separate selection of tasty sides and drinks. 


How and Why? 

Chop and Wok is creating something completely fresh and innovative in the catering field. With the abundance of themed South Asian and Oriental restaurants already out there, Chop and Wok's creators knew that there was not a brand available that could successfully merge the two influences into something pan-Asian that was young, fresh and readily accessible.

With this brief in mind, Chop and Wok's creators worked closely together and, after considering many concepts before it, the concept of ‘Chop and Wok’ was selected, and so Chop and Wok was born in September 2009. The aim is to fill the gap in the market where there is a lack of branded Oriental and South Asian takeaways, which are ready to be planted in high-visibility and primary retail zones, in order to make the brand identifiable nationwide. With all partners having expertise in their own fields, their collective efforts will ensure that this target is achieved.


Mission statement

We aim to deliver a unique taste experience, never before savoured, in such an environment that it only adds to the tastes and aromas that one experiences in a Chop and Wok store. Everything within the Chop & Wok Store serves to compliment the experience, from lighting, colour themes, decor themes, flow of aromas to packaging, uniform and other communications to the point where the diner can taste the ambience. The entire mission statement will be delivered, bearing in mind three overriding principles. 


We believe in three principles; for the food to be fresh, tasty and healthy. Raw ingredients are sourced daily and brought in fresh. All dishes have been comprehensively taste tested through various representative samples to ensure that this unique culinary experience is as flavoursome and appetizing as possible, ensuring the dishes are tasty as possible. The dishes contain only natural ingredients, with even the sauces being made in-house, from a fine blend of natural raw ingredients. Only the freshest meats are used to add the proteins and the type of noodles used ensure that complex carbohydrates are avoided and furthermore, during cooking only the healthiest oils are used. All of these measures ensure that all dishes are as healthy as possible. 

The Future

The aim is to build Chop & Wok into a nationally identifiable takeaway brand that is associated with fresh, healthy and tasty Oriental and South Asian cuisine. We intend to open and maintain ownership of as many sites as possible, while also opening up the model to potential franchisees who would wish to become a part of urban eating history. We are developing a universal blueprint that accounts for all areas of business units so that potential franchisees from all walks of life are able to open their own sites relatively comfortably, by minimising risk and maximising potential. As a result, franchisees are now being recruited to open stores nationwide alongside the continued opening of company owned stores. For franchise enquiries, please submit interest via the ‘Franchise’ tab. 



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