Health Conscious at Chop and Wok Birmingham

Posted by admin on April 17, 2018

Since Chop and Wok Birmingham received a Healthy Choices award from Birmingham City Council, they have made conscious steps to introduce more healthy options and alternatives. Chop and Wok’s Health & Fitness Wok Boxes have been hugely popular from a new High Fibre Veggie Wok Box to courgette noodles, buckwheat noodles and a Nutrient Rich Wok Box (made with coconut oil).

In addition, Chop and Wok only uses rapeseed oil which is cholesterol free, each wok box contains two of your five-a-day vegetables, all meats are lean, healthy and sourced daily, top quality, fresh vegetables are also sourced daily and there is no MSG in any of the dishes on the menu.

Also, Chop and Wok Birmingham’s dietary labelling is clearer on the new menu with symbols indicating gluten free, vegetarian, healthy dishes and more. As always, almost all of the menu items can be adjusted to your preference and many can also be altered to suit a vegetarian and vegan diet.


View the menu here:


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